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Phone Chat Adult - RachName Rach
Age 18
Height 5ft 10
Dress Size 8

Hi there to all you lovely people, I’m Rachel but my friends call Rach. I’m just 18 and I am a domestic cleaner at the local mental health hospital. I have seen so many different things that you just wouldn’t believe! Some of the wards I’ve had to clean have special key fobs to go through security doors, it’s scary and exciting at the same time, cleaning around people who have done some very bad things. All the patients I speak to are very nice to me though. I usually clean kitchens and stuff on the wards, so I get left to my own devices, but I prefer it when there is someone to talk to.
Sex Text Service
I love chatting and I am always told off for chatting too much, especially to the patients. They are all people with amazing stories! We have a great social, usually come pay down and all the cleaners go out down town and it gets very messy. Being the youngest, everyone looks after me which gets over bearing, so I like to sneak off and do my own thing some times.
As I said, I love chatting loads, especially to new people, so I got myself hooked on these private 1 on 1 lines. I love my line, I never know who will ring next, its gets me so excited! If you fancy a nice private chat with me then give me a call. I am very open and always ready to try new things, so your suggestions are more than welcome of what I can do when I am not at work on my hands and knees cleaning up anything and everything! Look forward to our 1 to 1 private chat.

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Call 0982 505 3749

(Calls cost 35p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge)

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