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Phone Chat Adult - maddieName Maddie
Age 23
Height 5ft 6
Dress Size 9

Hello there guys and girls, my name is Maddie and I am looking for a good time. I come onto these telephone chat services because I love to chat to girls and guys and in fact anyone that calls me, regardless of age, colour, size or anything else, because I do not judge people. These mobile chat lines are open all the time and this is a plus for me because I work as a backing dancer and this means that I work strange hours. I have been lucky enough to go on tour with some really well known bands and singers and while I do not want to drop names here, if you call me then I am more than willing to tell you.
Sex Text Service
When I am on tour I only tend to work in the evening but when I am psyching up for a tour I can work 12 hour days because it is all about rehearsals. There are some things that I love about my job and there are some things that I am not so keen on. I love actually performing and I am lucky enough to have travelled all over the country and even to some countries abroad so if you are well travelled like me, I am sure that we will be able to find something to talk about. These telephone chat services come in useful because when I have half hour to kill here and there I can just pick up the phone and chat to girls and guys that are looking for a good time and just relax a little bit. I have always enjoyed getting to know people and this is one of the reasons that I find these mobile chat lines so much fun. I never know who is going to call me and this really excites me. I could end up speaking to someone that I have a lot in common with, or someone that is very different, but whichever of these it turns out to be, I know that we will be able to have a fun chat and have a good time.
Call these telephone chat services now and see if I am around and know that while I am a dancer and this is one of my main loves, I do love a lot of other things to. I love to listen to music and kick back with a good film and I even love to read. Reading is one of the only things to do to pass the time when I am stuck on a tour bus so I have read a lot of things, from the classics to more low brow stuff. If you want to chat to girls, pick up the phone and let us have a good time because I love to let my hair down on these mobile chat lines and forget about work for a while and just relax. Relaxing is something that I don’t get to do much of as a full time dancer and this is why I spend so much time on these telephone chat services.

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Call 0982 505 3749

(Calls cost 35p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge)

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