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Phone Chat Adult - KeishaName Keisha
Age 31
Height 5ft 9
Dress Size 12

Hi to all you potential friends out there, I am Keisha and I am 31 years old and I work in the city. I love the city life especially at night when it comes to life with a bang! I could never live in the country as it would bore me to death. I must confess I am a total shopaholic, I totally adore shopping and getting new things, especially nice clothes, I suppose I have a have a clothes addiction. I always buy inappropriate clothes, I haven’t been or plan to go on holiday for ages but I have so many different swim suits and bikinis just in case I do!
Sex Text Service
I even have skiing clothes and I have never been skiing! My favourite outfit I will never probably wear is my motorbike leathers, I can’t ride a bike and I don’t know anyone who can! They fit really good though, they feel like I am wearing a giant leather body sock. My job is a personal assistant to a very important business chief executive but unfortunately I can’t say who. But with what I’ve seen, the comings and goings but especially the comings in the office, I don’t think I will ever be sacked!
I am a real party girl and the city is the place to do it! I go out at all times of the day and especially the night as nowhere seems to sleep! I sometimes get changed four times in one night, thank god I have so many clothes. I love meeting new people and chatting constantly, also listening though, people say I can chat for England! So if you fancy a chat, come and chat to me and I will tell you some of my secrets and you can confess yours to me, if you like. Let’s have a laugh and giggle now, by the time we put the phone down, I’ll make sure we are both smiling for hours after.

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Call 0982 505 3749

(Calls cost 35p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge)

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