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Phone Chat Adult - deliaName Delia
Age 59
Height 5ft 8
Dress Size 9

My name is Delia and I love to talk so pick up the phone and come and talk to me on these adult phone services. If you like cheap mobile chat then you are going to love me because there is nothing that I won’t talk about and I love to get to know people. At the minute I am not really doing much of anything because my first husband was very well off and when he left I was lucky enough to keep the house and a share of his business so at the minute I fill my time by coming onto these adult phone services and I do a little bit of charity work.
Sex Text Service
I do this because it gets me out the house and allows me to meet people that I would never meet otherwise. If you are looking to talk to a mature yet youthful woman then you are in the right place because I love to talk to people and get to know them while sitting in the comfort of my house with a nice glass of wine and some nice music on in the background. I have to admit I have a bit of a posh accent and it sometimes surprises guys that I am very well spoken yet can be very cheeky. If you are looking for a laugh and want to let off a bit of steam then pick up the phone and come and talk to me because I am waiting on these adult phone services and am hoping that you want to come and enjoy some cheap mobile chat with me. I might be different from some of the younger girls on here but I make up for it with life experience and a willingness to talk about whatever interests you.
I spend a lot of time on these adult phone services not only because I love to talk but also because I love to learn about people and have had some really amazing conversations that have led to places that I would never have imagined. If you are looking for someone different then pick up the phone and call for some cheap mobile chat because I have plenty of stories to tell and have to be honest and admit I was a bit of a tearaway when I was younger. I attended a boarding school and far from this making me a lady I rebelled a bit and got into trouble quite a bit because I was always so cheeky and looking for a good time. I love to reminisce about these times and my stories now make me laugh as I can’t believe how cheeky I used to be when I was in the mood. Come and enjoy some cheap mobile chat with me and know that I am on these adult phone services quite a lot and always looking for a fun chat. I love to listen and love to talk so come and see where our conversation takes us.

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Call 0982 505 3749

(Calls cost 35p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge)

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